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Treat Yourself to Special Spring Gift Basket

With spring just around the corner, you might already be thinking about long breezy walks in the park, seasonal cleaning of the house and cooking some of your favorite spring recipes! However, for all the work that you do, why not do something for yourself as well? Take some time out for yourself and put together a special gift basket to get you through the spring! Depending on your personality and the things you like, here are some amazing soring gift baskets you can treat yourself to:

Gourmet Gift Basket

This basket is one which is the most fun to put together as the options are varied and the contents can depend on your personal preferences. You can include items such as exotic ground coffee or coffee beans, chocolates, muffins and cookies. To make it even more special, take some time out to choose a perfect basket for it and you can also decorate it with DIY crafts. This will be a great activity to include your children in and apart from enjoying the contents the basket can also act as a dining table center piece!

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Girl’s Night Spring Basket

Take advantage of the mellow breeze outside and the smell of summer in the air to spend some amazing time with your closest girlfriends. To make it even more special, treat yourself and your friends to a special girl’s night gift basket. There is nothing better to spend a night in with your closest friends and spend some time you will cherish later. What else can make it better than a bottle of your favorite wine, a nail art set, and some goodies like chocolates and your favorite ice-creams?

Spa Basket

Spring is a time to lay back and relax, enjoy the soothing breeze and take in to the mellow sunlight on your spring. If this is all you are planning to do this season, putting together a spa basket for yourself is a great idea! This can contain all your favorite items such as shower gels, body washes, cleansing scrubs, bath bombs and aromatic oils and lotions. You can also add other item such as loofas, scented candles, essential oils etc. for a luxurious and soothing bath. Just finish it off with a perfect book to read while enjoying a long, relaxing bath!

Gardening Lover’s Gift Basket

If for you, spring is synonymous with spending long days in the garden or backyard tending to plants, this is just the thing for you. A gardening basket can contain all the things that you will require such as seeds of flowering plants, fruit shrubs, herbs etc. along with the tools require. The best thing about this basket is that since you will be picking its contents personally, there is no way you’ll end up with something you already have or do not need!

Treating yourself to the things you enjoy is always a good idea. Each one of these gift basket will allow you to spend some cherished time alone or with your friends, making this season of spring a memorable one! Read here about giving gift baskets to employees.

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